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Build a Successful, Soul Satisfying Practice

Helping Thousands of Women

Our vision is to transform the lives of 1 million women across the USA through proper hormone restoration. It is vital we help you create a thriving, successful business in order to make this vision a reality – and the really exciting part is we know you will love doing it, too!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 100 entrepreneur-minded health care practitioners (a minimum of 2 practitioners per state) create and operate lucrative hormone wellness practices and provide safe, balanced, physiological-dosed hormone care for 10,000 women per practitioner!

When you do the math that equates to 1 million women who will have had the undeniable benefits of a functional medicine approach to proper hormone restoration and balance.

What Could Be Holding You Back?

You’ve got BIG dreams. You want to serve more patients, more effectively, by addressing the root cause of their health issues — and you’re seeing more upstream hormonal issues every day.

Maybe you’re currently working inside an existing practice as a nurse practitioner, maybe you want to strike out on your own. But a thriving hormone practice isn’t yours yet.

A piece is missing from the puzzle, and you need to bridge the gap… but you get anxious every time you think about it.

You wonder:

  • If you’re really ready to take on complex hormone cases AND run a busy practice at the same time
  • How you’ll smoothly make the transition and avoid making costly mistakes
  • Whether you should invest in an online program, OR work with a team that has actually done it already with success.
Start Practice Right

You MUST Start Out Right to Enjoy Real Success in your Direct Pay Practice

That's Where We Come In...

I’m Randi Mann. After several years working within the conventional healthcare system, I grew frustrated with the restrictions preventing me from providing genuine integrative wellness programs for my patients. I decided to make a radical change and open Wise Woman Wellness in 2009.

After years of running a highly successful hormone practice in De Pere, Wisconsin, my husband Jeff, our team and I now teach ambitious and driven nurse practitioners exactly how they can create their own through employing the best clinical and business practices.

Our training program, first and foremost, is designed to show you how to create your own amazing business with tremendous return on your investment of time, money and effort.

Our proven system will teach you how to be successful. We will help you avoid rookie mistakes and aggravation, save you tons of hours and thousands of dollars or more, and support you as you gain the confidence and know-how to become a hormone heath care expert and entrepreneur.

This program is about the opportunity to be your own boss, earn a generous income, love what you do, and create a business to serve thousands of women who desperately need you.

Jeff Mann

What Would a Successful Hormone and Integrative Medical Practice Mean For You?

Just Imagine…

  • You’ll know exactly what to do, and how and when to do it.
  • You’ll have the materials you need for each and every step of the hormone practice-building process.
  • You can move through each phase of building your dream practice with confidence.
  • You’ll make smarter decisions about staffing, administration and everything “business” about your practice.
  • You’ll have a plan that you can fully trust.